It's Dependence, Stupid

"We don't shy away from the fact that the real problems lay with the Caribbean blacks," says Sutherland, who was inspired to get into filmmaking after writing and performing in a play at his high school. "Growing up, it wasn't guns. We had butterfly knives. It wasn't crazy like this. There are now so many guns on the street, it's ridiculous. We had no access to guns. There were no big pipelines [of guns] coming up [from the U.S.]."
Sorry, Sutherland. It's not guns and it's not Caribbean blacks.

You could put a gun in the home of a rational person and initiation of violence would not occur.

You could raise a child from any race in a loving home where individual responsibility is a fundamental ethic and produce a balanced human being.

As I've said before, we can't eliminate race from the equation "not as a cause of violent crime, but as an indicator of populations most directly affected by and responsive to a continuing history of destructive government policies."

But I wouldn't expect artsy socialists who actually believe their own spew about how "only a black man would have dared to make the riveting CTV movie Doomstown" to know what the hell I'm talking about.

Maybe if they throw some more plunder--I mean--"government money" at the problem...

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