We're the Only Ones Asleep at the Wheel Enough

I can't help but visualize walking up to this guy's window and popping a balloon...

I got this story from Reason Engaged, who asked if I minded him also using "the only ones" as a recurring theme. My reply:
I’m not the originator of that phrase, Lee Paige, the goofball DEA agent who shot himself in front of a classroom of children is.

My goal is to get information out so people start to think for themselves—make their own connections—have the first thought in their minds when they read stories of LEO abuse/incompetence be an “only ones” connection—because I think it is a simple and powerful tool to combat the “only the police military should have these types of firearms” lies spread by the antis and their MSM co-conspirators.

So, yeah, go for it—I’m delighted to see it spread. I’ll do some sort of post to let WarOnGuns readers know I support your efforts.

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