We're the Only Ones Elite and Special Enough

A Chicago police officer who was already in legal trouble was arrested Wednesday on federal charges for allegedly planning the murder-for-hire of a former fellow police officer.

...Finnigan was assigned to the elite Special Operations Section of the Chicago Police Department. He was one of six members of that unit arrested in 2006 for allegedly using their badges to shake down residents for cash and other items. He was suspended from the force after state charges were filed in that case.
Bummer. There goes his eligibility for professional courtesy. Meanwhile, Chicagoans "Snuffy" Pfleger and Laura Washington are working hard to make sure Daley's "Only Ones" continue to enjoy an elite and special monopoly of force--while working to expand that condition state and nationwide. The result, of course, would leave "ordinary citizens" (that would be you and me) at the mercy of the Finnigans of the world, not to mention the feral, enabled offspring of witless pawns-for-the-police-state mothers. All in the name of humanity, mind you.

[Via 45superman]

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