Another Profile in Apathy?

I reminded readers here of another option that was not included in WorldNetDaily's recent poll on the Arizona Senate race.

Correspondent Straightarrow sent them this letter to the editor under his real name. They opted not to post it,so I will post it here:
I looked at your poll today. But I did not participate. The reason for my not participating is because the poll only offers a choice without a difference.

I propose you do a profile and perhaps an interview with J
im Deakin who is challenging McCain for the Senate seat. As we know McCain is a Republican in name only and a conservative by no stretch of the imagination. The man does not even believe in the Constitution.

Contrarily, Deakin appears to understand the Constitution and to believe in it. I draw your attention to David Codrea and his Gun Rights Examiner column on the internet and Mr. Deakin's answers to a questionnaire that has been used more and more often by citizens trying to plumb the depths of candidates' commitment to liberty for the average citizen. Mr. Deakin acquits himself well.

Please check out Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea and the appropriate column. I think you will find that Mr. Deakin deserves some exposure. As it now stands, I would bet that more people throughout the nation know Mr. Deakin is a candidate in the race from reading that column than Arizonans who have never heard of him because no one mentions his candidacy or his views. Silence is our enemy. It is your enemy. You know enough history to know that. Please correct this oversight.
As I noted last Tuesday and on other occasions, one of the simplest and easiest things gun owners can do is spread the word--share links with fellow gun owners via emails, on blogs, on forums...

We have a situation in Arizona where this is not happening. And turning that around could not be simpler.

Last September I told you about Jim Deakin, who is challenging John McCain for the Senate. Take a look at the answers Jim gave to my gun rights questionnaire.

Go ahead. Read them and come back--I'll wait.

Now watch this:

What this means is gun owners aren't getting involved and telling their friends.

This isn't the first time I've tried to help spread the word. I've included periodic updates as supplements to my main column on a few other occasions.

I asked gun owners to send him "a measly buck" here.

I relayed how he needed support here.

And I asked if anyone wanted to help beat McCain here.

I'll bet I could sit down and think of dozens of excuses not to get involved, to ignore this and to go about my business. What I couldn't do is convince myself doing nothing is the right choice.

I sure hope it's not too much to ask for you to share a link or two, maybe the one to the questionnaire and the link to the Jim Deakin United States Senate website...?

Or else explain why it is a candidate should go out of his way to give unequivocal answers to questions his political enemies will use against him? Why lead if you turn around and everybody s just milling around behind not even getting involved?

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