"I Am Robert Heyer"

That kind of reminded me of "I'm Spartacus."  What this is about is Brian Terry's cousin engaging with people on Reddit.  [Read

One of the questions raised in this thread was to the effect that if it hadn't been walked guns found at the murder scene, the killers would have still been able to get other guns.  That's been argued to me before, too.

It's bullshit, and here's why--a very specific set of circumstances, any of which not happening would have led to a different specific outcome for agent Terry on that particular night --led up to the firefight in Peck Canyon. Change one element in that timeline and you change what happens downstream--and the further back in the timeline you go, the more opportunity for widening the divergence of events.

True, he could have encountered criminals armed with other weapons. But that's not what happened. Had he not encountered those criminals, armed with those weapons, there's every possibility he would not have been killed that night.

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