A Woman's Prerogative

Has Bloomberg spooked Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson into changing her mind? [More]

OFF needs gun activists to contact her. They could not have made it easier.

If you're from Oregon, do that and tell your friends.

If you're not from Oregon but have friends who are, tell them they have some calls to make and correspondence to send.

This needs to be done right now.

UPDATE (Reader "Dubs" sends ):
Got a nice response from her indicating no change in position.  Discussions involve updating NICS system for adjudicated persons.    One quote:

4 previous gun bills are gone and won't be heard. Senator Johnson says those four bills will not be the basis of any conversation about gun laws going on now. She says there is no specific legislation being discussed at this point, and right now, it's just talking."

Expressed my desire that strict scrutiny for civil rights be observed. Law should be narrow, tailored to specific problem, not solution looking for a problem.

She stated no change in her position. Give her some positives. Explain your position politely.
That's good to know. But it also emphasizes a point I try to make (and that some scoff at) about the importance of not turning our noses up at social media as a useful tool for activists, because this whole area of inquiry is a direct reaction to a post on her Facebook page:
That's the kind of rhetoric that's going to raise flags for activists familiar with political sausage-making, and its wholly appropriate for constituents reading it to voice concerns and seek reassurances.

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