Commentaries, Opinions, And Analysis On The NSA Collecting Verizon Phone Records (Updated)

Government Phone Surveillance for Dummies -- Megan Garber, The Atlantic

Surprise: Your leaders are monitoring the calls you make! Some frequently asked questions, answered.

First things first: What's all the fuss about?

The discovery and publication of a top-secret court order, issued this April, compelling Verizon to turn over the telephone records of millions of its U.S. customers to the National Security Agency.

So, whoa, the government has been eavesdropping on our phone conversations?

Not quite slash not that we know of. The order calls for the turnover of metadata, the external information about the telephone calls. It specifically excludes the content of the call. As the order puts it, "telephony metadata does not include the substantive content of any communication, as defined by 18 U.S.C. 2510(8), or the name, address, or financial information of a subscriber or customer."

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