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Experts laid out a broad plan for firearms research on Wednesday, saying data is needed on who owns guns, where they keep them, how likely a gun is to be used to hurt someone else, whether having a gun keeps you safer, and whether there are ways to make guns any safer. [More]
None of your business (but assume we all do and conduct yourself accordingly), none of your business again, that all depends on who has it (and should not presuppose hurting someone is necessarily a bad thing),  again, it depends on who has it, and not without making them less reliable, that is more dangerous.

Jeez, I just saved everybody a ton of money there, and I'm not even an "expert," at least not one with the qualifications of Dr. Alan "No Political Agenda" Leshner, who is one because ... uh ... let's see ... CEO ... publisher ... drug abuse director ... psychology professor ... hormone and behavior specialist ... academic...

Say, y'know, I don't even see anything on this guy's CV to indicate he's ever even held a gun, let alone obtained any kind of formal training in safety, tactics, the law, the Constitution ...  Why would he be qualified to lay out a broad plan impacting all of those, and why should his opinions carry any weight?

Sure, his professional and academic accomplishments are pretty impressive, but if your car were making a funny noise, would Al here necessarily be the guy you went to for advice?

[Via Mama Liberty]

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