Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 11, 2013

Presidential Cyberwar Directive Gives Pentagon Long-Awaited Marching Orders -- Christian Science Monitor

The 18-page, Top Secret 'Presidential Policy Directive 20' instructs the Pentagon to draw up a cyberwar target list and to protect US infrastructure from foreign cyberattack.

The US Defense Department has been given a bright green light to draw up a global cyberattack target list at which it can deploy digital weapons with “little or no warning to the adversary or the target,” according to a Top Secret policy document leaked to the press.

The policy document, dubbed “Presidential Policy Directive 20” or PPD-20, is an 18-page cyberpolicy roadmap for the Pentagon that directs it to get on with the business of defending the US and its critical infrastructure, such as the power grid and financial sector, from foreign cyberattack.

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Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Plan Sees $23 Billion Through 2018 -- Bloomberg Businessweek

The 'O' Word: Offense vs. Defense in Cyber -- Defense News

US has no plans to end broad surveillance program -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Pentagon Papers whistleblower says NSA leak is most important in US history -- The Verge

U.S. Helps Allies Trying to Battle Iranian Hackers -- New York Times

Deloitte Details Bleak Outlook For Global Defense Industry -- Breaking Defense

E.U. Refuses to Cooperate on Security -- New York Times

22 American nuclear bombs are stored in the Netherlands: media -- Expatica

China's first aircraft carrier leaves homeport for sea trials -- People's Daily

Russia Scrambles Combat Aircraft in Snap Alert Drills -- RIA Novosti

Iran rejects Russia’s offer to replace S-300 systems with Tor systems: Envoy -- Press TV (Iran)

Iran launches rearmed 50-year-old destroyer on Persian Gulf -- FOX News/AP

Israel gets ready for F-35s and KC-135s -- UPI

Japan Might Delay F-35 Purchases -- Defense News

Dawn Blitz grabs China's attention: U.S.-based amphib exercise includes Pacific allies -- Marine Times

America's 'Juggling Act' With China
-- Defense News

Is US Winding Down Spec Ops Mission in the Philippines? -- Defense News

US Navy's New, Bigger Fire Scout To Fly This Fall -- Defense News

Stealth motorcycle for special forces being tested -- FOX News

'Virtual window' may help tank crews look beyond the hull -- Stars and Stripes

The Littoral Combat Ship: Give it time -- Information Dissemination

When The F-35 Is Too Hot To Handle -- Strategy Page

Boeing Wins $4 Billion, Five-Year Chinook Deal -- DoD Buzz

Hope Fades for 'Grand Bargain' to Avoid Sequester -- Defense News

House Democrat pushes for repeal of military force law -- FOX News

Odierno to leaders: We have lost soldiers' trust -- Military Times

Many soldiers fail to grasp Army sex assault problem: U.S. general -- Reuters

Military works to combat sexual assaults -- USA Today/The Tennessean

Army Suspends Top Commander in Japan -- Battleland/Time

Defense Industry In Search of The New Normal -- Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense

Navy Ends Capital Punishment -- Mark Thompson, Battleland/Time

Restoring military readiness: A professional fighting force, not diversity, must be the military’s priority -- James A. Lyons, Washington Times

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