What's My Take On The NSA Whistleblower Going Public

Edward Snowden Interview Transcript FULL TEXT: Read the Guardian's Entire Interview With the Man Who Leaked PRISM -- Policymic

WNU Editor: The above video is gripping, but what caught my attention was the following remark from Edward Snowden ....

.... Anyone in the positions of access with the technical capabilities that I had could suck out secrets, pass them on the open market to Russia; they always have an open door as we do. I had access to the full rosters of everyone working at the NSA, the entire intelligence community, and undercover assets all over the world. The locations of every station, we have what their missions are and so forth."

"If I had just wanted to harm the US? You could shut down the surveillance system in an afternoon. But that's not my intention.

Edward Snowden is clearly stating that he had access to the most privy of all U.S. intelligence assets .... and while he could have published all of it .... he choose not to.


If I was in the NSA assessing these remarks, I would be making the assumption that he does have this intel in his possession .... and if something should happen to him .... he is indirectly warning U.S. authorities that it will also be released.

If true .... and I hope it is not .... this is the worse case scenario for the NSA and America's intelligence community. This is Wikileaks .... but on steroids.

But .... in the end .... the damage from these leaks will be reversed. New procedures and protocols will be instituted. Edward Snowden will eventually be caught .... and convicted for treason. And .... for President Obama .... his legacy will be remembered as the President who oversaw the largest surveillance program ever directed at the American people. If anything .... the intelligence leak will be remembered .... but so will it's political legacy.

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